So we’ve explained to you what self funding is and have hopefully removed some of the mystery and anxiety.  We’ve told you about the pieces in a self funded plan, some of the pitfalls and some of the benefits.  Why not just go and set up a plan yourself?
There are a few reasons why we think the service tools we provide will give you an added edge over your competitors and make you shine before your clients.

Experience: Sounds simple enough.  But does experience really matter?  Isn’t the world of self funding pretty black and white?  It actually is not.  And it is within those many moments of gray area in which our value is defined.  It is easy to make missteps which can end up putting you, the client, or their employee into a very uncomfortable financial situation.

Market Awareness: We have been in the self funded market place for 30 years.  We know the players and have strong relationships.  Those relationships are critical; especially in moments such as final disclosure where our ability to leverage our relationships with stop loss carriers is what can make or break pricing.

Financial Analysis: Before anything else, we are data nerds.  We have been deeply involved in so many plans over the years that we know how to drill through the numbers correctly to get you data with meaning.  This is make or break when it comes to things like utilization analysis, wellness, communication, and disease management.  It is also a critical consideration when developing the plan design itself.

Passion: We LOVE self funding.  Love it.  That makes us effective and committed stewards of your clients pocketbook.

Strategic Partnerships: Similar to market awareness, our strategic partnerships with PBM Consultants, Imaging Center Consultants, and Wellness/Disease Management Consultants allow us to be confident that we are wringing efficiency out of every single dollar your client spends on health care costs.