Jennie Coyle – Senior Vice President of Underwriting & Compliance

Jennie Coyle joined Heffernan Insurance Brokers in March 2012 as a Technical Analyst to assist the Northern California services teams in underwriting functions. In January 2014. she expanded her role to manage the employee benefits underwriting division for Heffernan nationwide.

Jennie began her career in Employee Benefits over 25 years ago after receiving her Bachelors in Economics and International Relations from Cornell University. She started as an associate account manager at PacifiCare. Several years later she moved from Account Management into Underwriting where she calculated, analyzed, negotiated and processed the health insurance renewals for a book of business with over 50,000 members. She has experience working with sales and account management teams to understand and sell renewal packages and new business strategies. She has also facilitated the training of junior team members about insurance underwriting policies, use of underwriting models, and strategies for working with sales and account management teams.

As the manager of both the Underwriting and Financial Analysis Department and the Legislative Compliance Manager, Jennie’s primary role is to ensure that our service and sales teams have the tools and resources to support our clients. Within the underwriting division, Jennie’s team provides a comprehensive analysis report that illustrates the employee benefits program and associated costs. Within the report is a summary outlining both goals and objectives of the analysis, a financial summary with recommended options, and supporting information detailing the financial outcome and the benefits quoted. A critical component of a client’s financial analysis and renewal planning is to understand the
trends in the marketplace. Each year Jennie Coyle tracks and reports on insurer and employer health care trends.

In addition to underwriting, Jennie is also the compliance manager focusing on ERISA law and Health Care Reform implementation and compliance. She works with our internal ERISA attorneys and outside counsel to ensure that our clients are meeting their compliance obligations, kept up to date on laws and regulations that affect their benefit programs and that our clients understand the compliance regulations that specifically pertain to their business.

Jennie is passionate about helping companies lower costs while providing an employee benefits program that will retain and attract top talent by developing tools, resources, and training programs for our exceptional Heffernan teams to deliver these objectives directly to their clients.