A Letter From the President

Sima ReidI know you want to find the best renewal outcome for your clients, which is why I believe you should take a moment to consider self-insurance. If you have been neglecting to present self-insurance options to your client because of your fear of the unknown, I encourage you to take a moment to consider the following:

The fully-insured marketplace continues to trend with double digit renewals.

Unlike in the fully-insured environment where your client pays premium regardless of the services that have been received, self-insurance allows your client to only pay for those services utilized by their covered population.

Specific and aggregate insurance provides your client with the reassurance and protection from the unknown.

Everything must be done to protect your relationship with your client. Give them no reason to talk to another broker about self-insurance.

BrokerSIS is a unique service providing you with tools which will enable you to confidently provide your clients with a valuable alternative option for them to consider during their 2011 medical renewal. BrokerSIS is flexible.  We will be your back office, remaining completely unknown to your client, if you desire. If you need us to help you explain the ins and outs of self-insurance to your client, we are happy to help. We will also provide you with the financial analysis and reporting. It is a turnkey approach to self-insurance.

For the last 30 years, my passion has been in setting up and managing self-insured medical plans.  In recent years, I believe I have uncovered a great need for a service like BrokerSIS.

Please spend a few minutes reviewing this website.  I would love the opportunity to help you show your clients the advantages of self-insurance.

Best Regards,

Sima Reid


Broker Self Insurance Solutions